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~ Tuesday, November 20 ~

Pentimento - On Summer

I was sent a demo of this song probably around a year ago. I have itched to post lyrics from it for so long but I never did, purely out of respect and secrecy. To my surprise, this song was released on the new album, and when I first heard it play through my friend’s speakers, my heart skipped 1000 beats. I have dead set listened to this song hundreds of times over the last year, and every single time the words and melodies rip right through my chest. It always feels so relevant. 

I cannot even begin to describe how proud I am of these guys and everything they’ve done over the last couple of years. This album passed every expectation I had. 

And so it goes, such a natural ebb and flow; the way that I seem to lose everything I love. I blame myself for fucking up. The weight on my chest was something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. 

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