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~ Sunday, October 9 ~

Smoke or Fire - “Irish Handcuffs”

Last night I watched Smoke or Fire for the first time. I have been listening to that band for so many years, and when they first toured Australia, I was only sixteen or seventeen years old. I cannot describe how bummed out I was, because exactly a year prior to them touring, I had also missed out on Lifetime and The Bouncing Souls.

Smoke or Fire…. Man, I cannot begin to talk about how much their songs have changed my life and made me a better person over the years. I was holding onto a tiny bit of hope that they would play something off the first couple of EPs when they were Jericho RVA, but that didn’t matter. They played a great mix of songs and I got to hear Irish Handcuffs. This song is so fucking important to me. Tonight I get to do it all over again with some good friends by my side.

Love you, Jen.

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